Turn your passion into real-world results!

- Stop "Hate for Profit" organizations.

- Stop the spread of misinformation.

- Support the issues YOU care about!

Everyone cares about social issues...

But it's hard to find the time, energy and money to make a difference. We fixed that. MatchStick works automatically in the background while you're busy doing other things. Simply joining the MatchStick network allows you to create real-world changes that you care about.

  • Block ads that fund organizations engaged in "hate for profit".
  • Stop the spread of dangerous misinformation.
  • Engage in polls that impact the issues you care about.

1. Get the Chrome Extension

Install the Chrome extension by tapping the "Chrome Web Store" badge below. This powerful technology will block ads that fund organizations which profit from hatred and misinformation.

2. Get the iOS App

Our iOS App provides additional social features, deeper polling and real-time metrics for the entire MatchStick community. Easily link your accounts to achieve maximum impact!

Frequent Questions

MatchStick uses the Google Chrome API to block ads and other content that you specify. The technology can block a request before it's even processed by the remote-web server so you decide which websites make money from your browsing.

As an added bonus, MatchStick can significantly improve your browsing speed!

There are millions of websites which profit from serving ads and other "sponsored content" to users like you. Some of these websites intentionally spread misinformation, outright lies or engage in "hate for profit". By joining MatchStick, our technology lets you automatically prevent these sites from earning money from your browsing activity.

Nope. Everyone is busy. Nobody has time for yet another social platform. The real value of MatchStick is that it just works automatically in the background. There are plenty of configuration options if you want to have a greater impact, engage in polling, etc., but the default settings are very effective for most users.

Absolutely. If you want to make an even bigger impact after joining MatchStick, you can invite others to follow your account. You can do this in the iOS App or in the Google Chrome Extension. You'll then see what your combined impact is with all of your followers!

MatchStick does not passively collect or store your personal data or online activity like most apps. We've designed this technology from the ground up to allow users to be as anonymous as they want. We encrypt everything we transmit and even then it's boring data like "{ad-blocked:domain.com}". Your data-privacy is your choice and we only collect anonymous stats in order to keep our services humming.

The MatchStick iOS App is designed as a powerful companion to the Google Chrome Extension. The App is great for people who want to maximize their impact by engaging in more polls, sharing opinions in social channels and seeing real-time metrics of the entire MatchStick network. And, of course, it's free.

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